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Introduction to Conglomerator spherical stitching and image processing tool. glom is a freeware spherical processing tool for mapping/stitching images onto a sphere and outputting them as equidistant rectangular (for panoramic video) or equidistant polar (for fulldome video). This program is included primarily for creating polar masters from hemi-cube renderings. The program may have other uses and benefits of which you can take advantage. Copyright 2003 Spitz, Inc.

glom application for download

Description of MaxScripts for Glom
MaxScript to convert the currently selected camera into the "front" camera of a 5 camera array for GLOM.exe. All camera animation is transfered to a dummy object called "glomcameradummy". After converting a camera to a glom camera array, use the glomcameradummy for any future camera animation.
MaxScript that creates a very basic 5 camera array for GLOM at (0,0,0)
MaxScript that helps to quickly render a still frame polar or panoramic preview of the current frame. Simply activate a camera viewport and run the script. This script was updated just prior to inclusion on the Siggraph DVD and hasn't been thoroughly bug tested. Please check for a newer version, then report all bugs/enhancements to
A MaxScript calculator utility that calculates the field of view required when using Glom's "over render" feature. The overrender feature is useful when using post effects, such as Glow, that don't stitch properly due to lack of information beyond the 90 degree frame.